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BANCNET’s Internet Payment Gateway

Is a payment facility which enables partner establishments or institutions to charge their customers for goods or services purchased in their website using funds from customers’ ATM accounts.
The facility allows for convenient, secure, and real-time payments made through the web.

Main Features

  • Available 24x7
  • Available to cardholders of more than 30 BancNet member banks
  • Available to more than 30 million BancNet cardholders
  • Electronic reporting system
  • Electronic settlement thru BancNet member banks

How it Works


To avail of the facility, a partner establishment or institution must choose how to connect to the gateway. There are three ways:

As Direct e-Payment Partner. In this connection type, the partner’s system directly connects to BancNet’s. This connection is for larger, well-established businesses or institutions who can manage their own payment system. 

As e-Payment Aggregator. This connection is for payment service providers who can provide the technical infrastructure and manage the payment system on behalf of other organizations, who are also their partners. Payment Aggregators may or may not engage in the selling of products or services.

As an e-Payment Sub-partner. Through this connection, partners can connect to the Internet Payment Gateway through e-Payment Aggregators.

Benefits to Partners 

  • Increase sales as new mode of payment is introduced
  • Reduction in cash handling related expenses
  • Increased security because less cash is handled by personnel
  • Minimized erroneous data entry due to electronic reporting
  • Faster and easier posting of payments to the merchant’s records compared to the traditional manual posting method
  • Faster collection of payments compared to conventional payments using cash or check (payments are automatically credited to partner’s account the following day)

Benefits to Customers

  • Alternative form of payment
  • Convenience – available 24x7 and can be used as long as there is internet access
  • Security – no need to bring cash
  • Allows them to pay for goods or services only sold online

Security Features

BancNet has ensured that its Internet Payment Gateway is fully secure. Several layers of security mechanisms have been put in place which includes:

  1. Physical Access Controls
  2. Network – level Security
    1. Firewalls
    2. Intrusion Detection
  3. Confidentiality and Message Integrity
    1. Authentication at Browser/ Client side
    2. Authentication at Merchant Site
    3. Authentication at BancNet Server side
    4. Authentication at Bank side
  4. Application Controls
    1. Limited PIN retries
    2. Transaction Amount Limit set by Bank
    3. Transaction Frequency
    4. Merchant Spike Monitoring
    5. Charge-back Count
    6. Audit Trail
    7. Dynamic PIN pad
  5. PIN Encryption
    • For debit card payment, input of PIN is secured with 3 layers of encryption prior to sending data to the payment gateway.
    • Customers are required to enter their PIN for every transaction. PIN is not stored in any of the nodes (the client’s PC, merchant server or any of the BancNet servers).
    • The onscreen PIN pad provides additional security by dynamically rearranging the number sequence for each session. The keypress has been suppressed and the button font and colors have been tuned to effectively combat instances of shoulder surfing
  6. SSL Encryption
  7. Global Secure ID by Verisign
  8. Proprietary Digital Certificates
  9. Additional Encryption and Security Measures