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Bills Payment

A multi-channel platform designed for payment collection equipped with data reconciliation and settlement capabilities. This facility offers electronic payment reporting to the Biller Partner thru the Biller's chosen BancNet member depository bank.

BIR Tax Payments

This facility is an Internet enabled payment system developed for the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). It allows clients of participating banks to process tax payment transactions from the BIR Electronic Filing and Payment System (EFPS) and pay by directly debiting their bank account. The EFPS is a system developed and maintained by the BIR that allows taxpayers to electronically file tax returns, including attachments and pay due taxes through the Internet. It consists of 2 distinct processes namely e-filing and e-payment


EGOV is the solution every employer is looking for a very long time. That is to be able to conveniently file monthly contributions and loans without the hassle of going to the branch offices of Philhealth, Pag-IBIG and SSS every month and lining up. Thru EGOV, any employer can do the filing and payment of Phillhealth, Pag-IBIG, and SSS monthly contributions and loans completely online. An employer needs only an internet connection and use either Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome as web browsers to access EGOV. EGOV’s availability to private employers is very timely and aligned to the government’s drive fostering electronic payments, as well as to Philhealth’s policy on the use of electronic payment partners, like BancNet.

Internet Payment Gateway (IPG)

An electronic facility that interconnects BancNet members, private and public institutions and cardholders to allow end-to-end payment for goods, services, account credits, and fees that are paid online. It allows partner establishments (called E-Payment Partners) to accept payments made by their customers through their websites using funds from their customers's bank or e-money accounts. For banks, it is a payment facility that provides a convenient and secure mode of payment for their cardholders without the need to directly solicit partner accounts.

POS Cash Out

An electronic facility that allows Peso withdrawal transactions from point-of-sale terminals located at the premises of partner establishments (called Partner Institutions). The POS terminal is used to authorize the transaction by inserting the ATM card and entering the ATM PIN. Since the POS terminal cannot dispense cash, it is the Partner Institution's personnel (ex. a teller or a cashier) who disburses the cash.

POS Debit Sale

Allows cardholders to pay for goods or services through point-of-sale terminals installed in partner merchants using funds from their ATM or debit card accounts. The POS terminal is used to authorize the transaction by inserting the ATM card and entering the ATM PIN.