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SSS Payments by Individual Members

Self-employed, OFWs and other voluntary members of SSS who are ATM cardholders of a participating BancNet member bank can now pay their SSS contributions through BancNet Online at www.bancnetonline.com. Soon they will also be able to pay their loan amortizations through the same electronic channel.

No Registration. No Transaction Fees. No Charges!

Itís FAST, EASY and CONVENIENT! Payments can be made anytime on or before the due date in the comfort of your home or office. For inquiries, contact your bank or the nearest SSS office.

Follow these simple steps when paying your SSS contributions:

  1. Log on to www.bancnetonline.com
  2. On the homepage, select on any of the participating BancNet member banks.
  3. You may also access directly your account from the widget on the upper left portion of this page.

  4. Click "I Agree" on the terms and conditions
  5. Click on "Payments"
  6. Click your preferred institution- Select SSS
  7. Enter your 10 digit SSS Number + 6 digits containing the month (mm) and year (yyyy) - (XXXXXXXXXXmmyyyyy)
  8. Enter your ATM card number; Enter member number if required
  9. Select your account type (Savings or Current)
  10. Enter amount to be paid
  11. Using your mouse, enter your ATM PIN on the onscreen keypad
  12. Click "Submit"