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BancNet POS Payment System

Our Point-of-Sale (POS) System involves the installation of payment terminals at accredited retail merchants for the authentication of debit card purchases.

This partnership service allows ATM cardholders across the country to purchase goods or services by debiting the cardholder’s ATM/debit/cash card of the purchase amount and crediting the sale proceeds to the retail merchant’s account maintained at participating bank.  The same terminals gives access to ATM cardholders of Union Pay, China’s sole ATM network

Benefits to the customers:

·        Fast and convenient - no need to withdraw cash from the ATM and no enrollment required.
·        Safe and secured transaction – no need to carry large amounts of cash when shopping.
·        Free – no charge to the customers.

 Benefits to merchants:

·        Access to local ATM cardholders across the country.
·        Access to local and international Union Pay cardholders.
·        Increase in prospective clients/customers due to extended payment options.
·        Provision for daily electronic consolidated reports.
·        Minimize cash handling issues like shortages.

POS Product Features:

1.      Balance Inquiry
This feature gives cardholders the option to inquire their account balance before and after making a POS terminal transaction using the POS terminal device.  There is no charge for balance inquiries made using the BancNet POS terminals.

2.      Debit transaction
This feature enables cardholders to debit the purchase amount from their ATM/debit/cash card to complete the purchase transaction.  The debited amount is authorized/validated by inputting cardholder’s Personal Identification number (PIN) in the POS terminal device.  The transaction limit for every POS purchase follows the Issuer bank’s policies and guidelines.

Merchant Accreditation:
Interested merchants who wants to avail of this service may directly coordinate with any of the participating banks below. Accreditation requirements shall follow the bank’s existing policies and guidelines:

Banco De Oro
Bangko Mabuhay
Bank of Commerce
China Bank
China Bank Savings
Enterprise Bank
Malayan Bank
Metrobank / MCC
Philippine Business Bank
Philtrust Bank
PNB Savings
Postal Bank
RCBC Savings Bank
Robinsons Bank
Robinsons Savings Bank
Security Bank
Veterans Bank