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There have been reported attempts to steal bank and e-wallet customers’ personal information through short messaging system (SMS) or text by pretending to be BancNet.

Please be aware that BancNet does not and will never ask for your personal information.

To be safe from scams, do not give confidential information such as your account or card number, user name, password, ATM PIN and one-time PIN (OTP) to anyone. Do not click on links sent through text or email to verify your account as these are bogus links used to steal your personal information.

Should you receive such text or email, please report it immediately to the issuer of your card or e-wallet.


We're proud to welcome you to the new and improved BancNet Online!

BancNet Online is now equipped with two-factor authentication, making transactions more secure. New functions are also available so you can manage your BancNet Online account and register more ATM cards. We also added and updated the content of several pages.


  • Login using User ID and password is now required
  • Only ATM cards approved by your banks can be used to transact
  • Financial transactions now require input of One-Time Password (OTP)
  • New features: access retrieval and profile management functions
  • New pages and content updates

Note that only cardholders of banks which participated in our initial launch will be able to transact. To check if your bank participates, go to:


We expect more banks to participate in the future.

To learn more about the new BancNet Online, please proceed to:


We hope that you find the new BancNet Online more convenient and secure.

Thank you for using BancNet Online!