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Funds Transfer

The Funds Transfer feature is available at ATMs of our member banks nationwide,www.bancnetonline.com and via mobile banking. There are two types--Intrabank and Interbank.

Intrabank transfers involve moving funds from a cardholder’s savings to his current account (or vice versa) in the same bank. No transaction fees will be charged.

Interbank transfers involve two different accounts and/or member banks. Transactions of this nature are charged P 25.00. The account to be debited should be linked to the ATM card subject to your Bank's existing rules on account validation. The account to be credited can be any type of peso deposit account. Some banks require pre-registration of source and transferee accounts. This feature is currently undergoing security enhancements and is temporarily unavailable in www.bancnetonline.com

There is no limit to the number of times you can transfer funds except that the amount is dependent on the account’s available balance. However, your bank's policies may apply.

Funds Transfer via ATM
Funds Transfer via www.bancnetonline.com
Funds Transfer via InstaPay