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Go cashless shopping with your ATM card

Here is a fast, convenient, and safe way of paying for your purchases and services, using your ATM card, cash card and debit card at merchant establishments accredited by BancNet member banks.

Using your ATM Card to Pay

You need not carry a lot of cash when you shop. Just present your ATM card to the cashier and your bank account will be debited for your payment instantly. It's safe, fast and easy. Plus, the service is free of charge.

  • It's safe - By not carrying big amounts of cash, you avoid the risk of loss due to carelessness or theft.
  • It's fast - It only takes seconds to pay.
  • It's easy - Just present your ATM card, tell the cashier the type of account ( savings or current) and key -in your PIN on the terminal. Cashiers have been trained to use the terminals and to assist you.
  • It's free - No fees or surcharges to pay.

BancNet ATM cards are accepted in major supermarkets, department stores, specialty stores and in thousands of accredited establishments nationwide.